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Creme Age Logic Yeux

Age Logic Eye Cream

Regenerating eye cream

Reduces crow’s feet.
Firms the eyelids.
Tones and revitalises the eye contour.


Intelligent Cell Renewal for Eyes.

More than just youth care, Intelligent Cell Renewal for Eyes creates new cell activity using the energy of ATP, the biological energy molecule.


- The vitality and firmness of the eye contour are improved.
- Wrinkles and crow's feet are visibly smoothed.
- The eyelids are toned and look lifted.


ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate): stores essential energy and delivers it for vital cellular functions.
Actinergie: increases cellular oxygenation through the mitochondria by stimulating their metabolism.
Cellular Life Complex: supplies essential elements for cellular vitality and regeneration.
Mafane extract: reduces superfi cial and deep wrinkles in crow’s feet.
Glycalift: activator for toning, lifting and anti-glycation.
Vitamins E and C: combats the formation of free radicals.


Apply to the eye contour morning and/or evening

Creme Age Logic Yeux

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