Moisturising Eye Cream - a continuous source of hydration for the eye contour.

Provides a continuous source of hydration to the eye contour thanks to hydro-liposomes
Hydrates and smoothes eyelids and crow's feet.
Rejuvenates the appearance of the eyes.

Hydro-Liposomes: These microspheres have a structure similar to that of cell membranes, which give them extraordinary biomimetic properties. Loaded with water, hydro-liposomes release water to the heart of the epidermis. They quench the thirst of dehydrated skins.

Hydro-liposomes: in-depth moisturising at the heart of the cells.
Horse Chestnut extract: tones and improves circulation.
Exsy-arl: compensates for the effects of glycation.
Shea fruit oil: protects and softens the skin.
Vitamin E: anti-free radical and antioxidant.
Soft Focus pigments: optically soften wrinkles.


Apply to the eye contour morning and/or evening.


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