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Ear Piercing

People of all ages get their ears pierced for different reasons. The choice can be aesthetic, boosting confidence or self-image or as a means of self-expression. Earrings can draw attention to your face, complement a classic daytime outfit or add that extra je ne sais quoi or va-va-voom to an evening look.


Ear piercing can also be a matter of tradition or alternative health practices (Ayurveda or acupressure).


Whatever your reason for choosing to pierce your ears, we offer a friendly professional service.

Our Ear Piercing Treatment at Beauty Essence

Here at our City of London salon, we use the Caflon Ear Piercing System. This is a widely recognised system that ensures surgical quality piercing.


We have a wide range of earrings to choose from, all designed to be used with the Caflon system. Each pair of earrings are hypoallergenic, sterile and come in their own packaging.


Are there age restrictions for ear piercing?

Professional and hygienic in-salon ear piercing is available to anyone over 16. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.


Is the Caflon ear-piercing system safe?

Yes. All Caflon ear piercing studs are nickel-free, hypoallergenic, packaged and sterilised to meet European regulations.


Does ear piercing hurt?

The Caflon ear piercing system is designed to pierce ears virtually pain-free. Most people feel little or no discomfort.


Which parts of my ear can I have pierced?

We offer ear lobe piercing only. However, we can do multiple piercings, as long as they are within the ear lobe.


Can I bring my own earrings?

No. The Caflon ear piercing system uses its own specific range of stud earrings. The studs are hypoallergenic, nickel-free, sterile and individually packaged, so you are assured of a trouble-free piercing.

Things to Consider – Before, During and After Treatment



If you would like to have your ears pierced but have sensitivities to certain metals, please talk to one of our beauty therapists before booking a treatment session. We can then ensure that we have studs that will meet your needs.



Our beauty therapist will guide you through each step of the process and ensure that you feel comfortable. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask; we are only too happy to help.


  • We will ask you about your ear-piercing expectations and let you choose a pair of stud earrings from our Caflon range

  • We will cleanse your ear lobes and mark the placement of the earrings

  • Once you are happy with your earring choice and placement, we will go ahead and pierce your ears

  • Afterwards, we will talk to you about the aftercare of your new piercings





  • Wash hands thoroughly before touching studs or ear.

  • Cleanse the front and back of the ear twice a day with an aftercare solution without removing studs. Then rotate studs two or three times, 90º left and 90º right, i.e. a quarter turn only, thus avoiding hair wrapping around the post at the back of the lobe. In between cleansing, the ear should be kept dry.

  • Keep hair spray, soap, shampoo and other preparations away from the ear.

  • After shampooing, the ear should be rinsed with clean water and then cleansed with an aftercare solution.

  • The piercing area should be cleansed with aftercare solution, then kept dry, especially after bathing, swimming or exercise.


  • Leave studs in the ears for 6 weeks continuously.

  • After 6 weeks, the stud can be removed, and other post-type earrings may be worn continuously.

  • Use only post-style earrings continuously for the first 6 months from piercing.

  • The post should be surgical stainless steel or other hypoallergenic material.

  • Minor pain/redness may occur immediately – this is normal but will settle within 48 hours provided proper aftercare is carried out. If excessive pain/swelling/redness occurs, seek medical advice before removing the ear-piercing stud.



  • Remove studs or handle your ears and/or studs unnecessarily.

  • Push the butterfly towards the earlobe – the butterfly must always be at the end of the post. Feel the position each time you clean the ear – it must feel smooth. This ensures that the earring remains loose during the healing period. An earring that is too tight may lead to inflammation.


You are in safe hands


Therapists at our beauty salon in Central London are experienced professionals. Our priority is that you feel relaxed and comfortable during your treatment session. We are happy to talk you through the procedure and answer questions that arise at any time.


If you have questions about any of our treatments, please call us at the salon, and we will be only too happy to help. If you are new to some treatments (e.g. facials, waxing and IPL) or have sensitive skin, why not book a consultation and patch test. This will help us advise you on the best treatment options for your skin and hair type. 

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