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Pre-Treatment Consultations and Patch Tests

A professional skin consultation should be the first step you take when considering starting or changing beauty treatments or a skincare routine. How many of you have had beauty treatments before where you have been less than satisfied with the results, or you weren’t sure if the treatment or products were suitable for you?


Here at Beauty Essence, we offer a range of pre-treatment consultations for hair removal, facials, IPL, electrolysis, blemish removals and permanent makeup.


During a consultation, we will:


  • ask you about your skin history, health, lifestyle, current skincare routine and several other factors (including sun exposure and self-tanning).

  • ask you about any medications that you are taking. Some medications may indicate conditions that prevent you from receiving a particular treatment (in these circumstances we will find an alternative solution for you).

  • make a visual assessment of your skin, hair and any specific concerns you may have.

  • ask you about your expectations. We will always recommend a treatment that we consider will achieve as close to your desired results as possible. We are always honest with our clients, and if we feel that we cannot meet your expectations, we will explain why and suggest alternatives.

  • answer any questions you may have, alleviate any concerns, and bust any myths that you have heard.



Dermalogica Face Mapping


Dermalogica's unique Face Mapping skin analysis system allows our therapists to discover skin’s true condition. The procedure combines proven elements from Chinese diagnosis with the very latest in skin analysis techniques. A Dermalogica face mapping will give an insight into your skin's past and present history by looking at fourteen distinct zones of your face. We will carry out a detailed inch-by-inch analysis to reveal any skin problems.

Our therapist will then recommend salon treatments based on the findings and advise you on a skincare routine for home.


Why are patch tests necessary?


If your consultation and history do not preclude you from treatment, we will conduct a patch test.


Tinting, laminating, and lifting treatments

No less than 24 hours before your treatment booking, we will apply a small amount of solution either behind your ear or on the inside of your elbow, allowing it to dry.


You will need to look out for signs of itching, redness, pigment changes, or even blistering in rare cases, which will indicate that you’ve reacted to the chemicals used in the treatment. Please let the salon know if you experience any reaction.


If the skin exposed to the patch test remains unchanged with no evidence of reaction, we will consider it safe to continue with the intended treatment.


IPL, electrolysis, and advanced electrolysis

This is where we carry out the chosen treatment on a small area to:


  • determine the correct machine settings for your hair and skin type

  • ensure there is minimal discomfort during the treatment

  • see how your skin reacts during the next 24 hours (up to 7 days depending on treatment and skin type)

  • check that you are not allergic/sensitive to any products used

You're in safe hands


The therapists at our beauty salon in Central London are experienced professionals. Our priority is that you feel relaxed and comfortable during your treatment session. We are happy to talk you through the procedure and answer questions that arise at any time.


If you have questions about any of our treatments, please call us at the salon, and we will be only too happy to help. If you are new to some treatments (e.g. facials, waxing, and IPL) or have sensitive skin, why not book a consultation and patch test. This will help us advise you on the best treatment options for your skin and hair type.

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Pre-Treatment Consultations and Patch Tests


Dermalogica Face Mapping

Advanced Electrolysis (Blemish Removal) Consultation

Celluma LED Light Therapy Consultation (Try before you buy)

Electrolysis (Hair Removal) Consultation + Patch Test

Facials Consultation

IPL (Hair Removal) Consultation + Patch Test

IPL (Skin Rejuvenation) Consultation + Patch Test

IPL (Thread Vein Removal) Consultation

Permanent Makeup Consultation

Wax Hair Removal Consultation


Patch Test - Brow Lamination

Patch Test - Brow Tint

Patch Test - Lash Tint

Patch Test - Perm/Lift Solution

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