Mary's Top Tips

Hot Feet? Try this

If you're working from home when it's hot, soak your feet in a bowl of cold water and maybe add some ice. You can easily put the bowl under your desk and no one would know. It will keep you cool, calm and collected!

You could add some Dead Sea salts to give you an energy boost or some essential oils for a special treat.


Zoom Essentials

When you have zoom meetings, always have a box of essentials on your desk containing - hairbrush, make-up, hair clips, aromatherapy spray to de-stress before a meeting, earrings, necklace, scarf. Before the meeting starts you can get the video up and ensure you're projecting the appropriate image. You could even have a jacket in the room so you can quickly switch to formal attire.

Facial sunscreen

When applying sunscreen to your face and neck you’ll need at least a teaspoon to cover the area properly and ensure you have the right sun protection. 

Applying sunscreen
Professional Eyebrows

Tweezer Tip

Use your nail file to sharpen and clean your tweezers. Insert the new nail file between the tweezer tips, grip the nail file with the tweezers and move along the nail file. This will sharpen and remove dirt, hair and debris from the tweezers, so they perform like new again. 

The best tip to reduce puffiness

Massage your face each time you apply any products to your skin. This will improve your circulation and lymph flow encouraging your skin to look it’s best. You’ll reduce puffiness, keep your skin supplied with all the nutrients it needs and remove waste products. Your skin will look and feel healthier. 

Protect your skin all day long

If you add a once-a-day sunblock to your daily skincare routine, your skin will be protected all day. I recommend the Ultrasun products as you only have to apply them once and they will protect your skin all day. 

Daily Brow Maintenance

Every day remove a few stray brow hairs to keep your brows tidy. Once a week spend a bit more time tidying them and have a professional brow shape every month to maintain your perfect brow shape. 

Tip-Top Skin

Give yourself a mini facial every week and a professional deep clean every 4 weeks to keep your skin in tip-top condition.