Hi I’m Tina!

I live in Essex with my husband Chris and 2 beautiful children, Tommy and Amber.

I have worked at Beauty Essence since 1999 and am the longest serving employee at the salon!


Prior to having children I was the salon Manager, however, since returning on a part time basis, I decided to concentrate on beauty therapy again, and of course my lovely family.

I love the beauty industry and enjoy carrying out all treatments, its great seeing how treatments have moved on over the years and really exciting attending different courses updating my skills.

I also love tidying and organising, the girls at the salon call me Monica from friends –  if something needs organising I just cannot leave it alone.

My favourite colour is red, I paint my fingernails red every Sunday night ready for the week ahead and will not be seen without my red lipstick!


An interesting fact about myself – did you know I am a natural blonde but dye my hair dark brown as I prefer it this way!

When I am not at work, I love spending time with my family.

We spend lots of time socialising with my huge family. With so many of us there is always plenty to do and catch up with.