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Zoom Essentials

Updated: Jan 18

When you have Zoom meetings, always have a box of essentials on your desk containing - a hairbrush, make-up, hair clips, aromatherapy spray to de-stress before a meeting, earrings, necklace, scarf. Before the meeting starts you can get the video up and ensure you're projecting the appropriate image. You could even have a jacket in the room so you can quickly switch to formal attire.

Here's a general guide on how you might access and apply filters or makeup features on Zoom:

During a Zoom Meeting:

  1. Join or start a Zoom meeting.

  2. Click on the "^" arrow next to the video icon in the bottom left corner.

  • This opens a menu where you can select "Video Settings."

  1. In the Video Settings, look for a section related to "Filters" or "Touch Up My Appearance."

  • If Zoom has introduced filters or makeup options, they might be found here.

  1. Adjust the settings according to your preferences.

  • This could include applying filters, adjusting makeup effects, or enabling any beauty enhancements.

Before a Zoom Meeting (Pre-Call Settings):

  1. Open the Zoom application on your computer.

  2. Click on your profile picture in the top right corner and select "Settings."

  3. In the Settings window, navigate to the "Video" section.

  • Look for any options related to filters, beauty enhancements, or makeup.

  1. Adjust the settings according to your preferences.

  • You might find options to enable or disable certain features.

Mary Gillmore, Owner, Beauty Essence


7 Well Court, EC4M9DN

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