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Valentine's Luxury Facial Package

Happy Valentines to you all. 

I remember the sad feelings I had if I didn't receive a Valentine's card when I was at school (which was practically every year!) and it's my sincere desire to spread warmth and love to everyone at Valentines, as we all need to feel wanted. 


I personally adore February as I feel it’s a chance to show ourselves, family and friends how much we love them. Valentine's is for us all. I have always given my children (now 21 yrs old!) cards as I think it’s really important to make them feel cherished.


We have a really special treat for you and your loved ones. We're excited to offer an exclusive Valentine's Luxury Facial package that will leave you feeling pampered and radiant.


Valentine's Luxury Facial Package - Only £117!

Normally £138


This indulgent package includes:

- Luxury 1hr bespoke facial

- Blackhead removal

- Milia removal

- Lash and brow tint

- Brow shape

- Skin analysis and a Valentines Gift

  • 20% Discount on Botox

  • 15% Discount on Skincare

Book on a Friday and we’ll give you a free Express Manicure too!


Just click the button below to book:

Warmest regards,

Mary, Gurpreet, Ela, Kaye, Magda, Natasha, Tara, Tina, Amy, Jade, Kafi, Nancy xxx



7 Well Court, EC4M9DN

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