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Environ Recycling Scheme

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Major beauty brands are committed to tackling the industry’s plastics problem. However, you can still do your bit for the environment and receive some money off your next Environ purchase in return.

Like you, we love Environ products; their science and cutting-edge technology combined with powerhouse ingredients helps to keep our skin beautiful for life. But to ensure that you receive their skincare product in perfect condition, they are packaged in specific containers that prevent light, air and bacteria from degrading the formulation.

Thus, as with a lot of beauty packaging, they’re not designed to go through a typical recycling process. Many councils cannot recycle them as they contain mixed materials that don’t currently have a recycling stream. Even if we put them into a standard recycling bin, they are rejected and end up in landfill.

The Environ Recycling Scheme, run in partnership with The International Institute for Anti-Ageing (IIAA), aims to reduce the number of containers that end up in landfill by recycling them through a specialist company.

We offer you the chance to be a part of this scheme by recycling your empty Environ bottles and containers through us at Beauty Essence. And in addition, for every Environ empty you bring in, you will receive £1 off your next Environ purchase.

You’ll also be pleased to know that we also recycle our Environ Professional Range empties and other containers and bottles from other beauty and cosmetic brands (Dermalogica, Guinot, Jessica, Ultrasun, Corine Taylor, Bloom Spa) that we use in our beauty salon here in Central London.

How does it work?

It’s effortless!

When you come for your next beauty treatment appointment at our salon, bring your empty Environ bottles or containers with you. Or, if you’re passing by, you can pop in and drop off your empties.

We will credit you £1 for every full-size Environ empty.

Do I need to have purchased the Environ from Beauty Essence?

No. We accept all your Environ empties whether you have purchased them through us or somewhere else.

How can I use my credit?

You can use your credit against any future Environ beauty product purchase through Beauty Essence.

If you’re coming to the salon with your empties, you can use your credit there and then. Or we can add your credit to your account on our salon software to use another time. The credit has no cash value.

Can I use my credit online?

No. Unfortunately, at the moment, you can’t use your credit online.

How many Environ empties can I bring to the salon at once?

We’re happy to accept one or more Environ empties at a time, so if you have been saving them up to recycle, now is your chance to do that.

We can also accept the box or packaging that the product came in.

What happens to the bottles/containers?

When we have collected enough empties, we send them to The International Institute for Anti-Ageing (IIAA). They then send them to a specialist company that re-purposes the plastic into secondary products.

Can I bring back bottles and containers from other beauty and cosmetic brands?

Yes. We can recycle any beauty or cosmetic brand product. The more we send to a specialist recycling centre, the less goes into landfill. However, you won’t receive credit for other brands, only for Environ. But you can feel proud that you’re doing your bit for the environment.

Join us at Beauty Essence in reducing plastic waste through recycling and help to keep the environment as clean and beautiful as your skin.

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