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Ellipse IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Permanent Hair Removal

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Are you fed up with the constant upkeep associated with shaving or messy depilatory creams? Want longer-lasting or more permanent hair removal results than waxing?

Look no further. Our Ellipse IPL hair removal treatment could be the answer.

The summer is here, and we’re all enjoying the opportunity to sit at one of many favourite outdoor terraces or rooftop bars and restaurants within the City of London. After-work drinks or something a little more special in the sunshine deserves bare legs and arms. So you’ve probably booked waxing treatments and thrown your razor in the bin in anticipation of warm, smooth hair-free skin and good times socialising with family and friends.

But, would you like to spend more time doing the things you love without worrying about regrowth or ingrown hairs? Have you considered a more permanent solution to unwanted hair removal?

To achieve the beautiful smooth skin you desire, you will need to start planning now. The cooler autumn and winter seasons are the perfect time for IPL hair removal for many different reasons (see below) but none more than to avoid cutting into your enjoyment of the coveted sun-kissed days of summer.

So, let’s get started and find out why you need to plan.

What is IPL hair removal therapy? How does it work?

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light - it is not a laser.

A laser only emits one wavelength of light, whereas IPL uses intense light pulses with a broad range of wavelengths. Thus, IPL can be adjusted, tailoring the wavelengths of light to the treated condition and the client's natural skin tone.

Here at Beauty Essence, we use the Ellipse IPL system. Ellipse is a safe, effective and proven hair removal system that directs short, safe bursts of light from a handheld device onto the skin.

The light energy is absorbed by the pigment (melanin) in the hair, changing to heat energy. Then, the hair transmits the heat to the follicle, destroying the cells, rendering them unable to produce more hairs. This process is known as selective photothermolysis and has little effect on the surrounding tissue.

The Ellipse IPL system can successfully achieve permanent hair removal. After the first treatment, you will notice a significant reduction in hair density and finer and lighter regrowth. You’ll also love the fact that IPL doesn’t cause ingrown hairs. Because the treatment targets the follicle, preventing hair growth, there aren’t any hairs to become trapped, causing discomfort.

Can all hairs be treated successfully with IPL?

So long as the hair has colour, it can be treated!

As we’ve mentioned, IPL treatment relies on the absorption of light by the hair pigment (melanin). Therefore, the most effective treatments can be seen with dark hair, which contains more melanin. In addition, the greater the contrast between your skin and hair colour, the easier the treatment.

Thus, it is better to wait until after your suntan has faded before having IPL therapy (see more information below).

However, Ellipse has pre-programmed settings, and we can adjust the light energy wavelength depending on your natural hair and skin tones.

How long does each IPL treatment take, and how many treatments will I need?

Each treatment can take anywhere from 5 minutes (upper lip) to two hours (full leg), depending on the size of the area.

Hair growth is cyclical, and hair follicles go through resting and growing phases. Only follicles in the growth phase contain hair the heat can destroy. Resting hair follicles need to enter the growth phase before they can effectively be treated with IPL. That’s why it is necessary to repeat the treatment at 4-6-week intervals to catch all subsequent hair growth. (usually 6-12 treatments in total).

It is essential not to remove hair by plucking, tweezing and waxing during the weeks before and during treatments, ensuring that we treat as many hairs and follicles as possible each time.

Does it hurt?

The treatment sensation depends on the area of the body and varies from person to person. Some clients describe it as an elastic band flicking against the skin and sometimes a sense of heat, which only lasts for a short moment.

Is IPL safe? Do I need to take special precautions before or after treatment?

Yes. It is completely safe. Ellipse Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) system uses a patented ‘dual-mode filtering’ system, which removes all unnecessary and potentially harmful wavelengths of light. In addition, the Ellipse has pre-programmed treatment settings for different skin and hair types, thus allowing us to adjust the energy levels to your needs.

At the start of your treatment session, our beauty therapist will give you eye protection glasses to wear.

You must avoid sun exposure 30 days before and during the treatment programme. This is because a tan can increase light absorption in the skin rather than the hair, thus making hair removal less effective. It also increases the chance of pain and burns to the skin. If you have a suntan (or have used fake tan recently), it is best to wait until the colour reduces to achieve the best hair removal results.

Immediately after treatment, your skin will be susceptible to UV light. Therefore, you must use a sunscreen of at least SPF 30 for 30 days after the treatment.


The choice to remove, keep, or maintain body hair is a very personal decision. In addition, everyone’s hair type, colour and growth are different. Therefore, you must select a hair removal treatment that’s right for you. What works well for your friend might not be the best choice for you or give similar results.

If you’re new to hair removal or are looking for a more permanent hair removal solution, why not book a consultation and patch test? Our experienced therapists will advise you which of our permanent hair removal treatments (IPL or electrolysis) would suit you best.

Our beauty salon in Central London is the perfect location for a lunchtime or after-work pampering session. So why not drop in and say hello.

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