Relax and Sleep Edit Aromatherapy Associates

Slip into a soothing night’s slumber with the Aromatherapy Associates Relax and Sleep Edit, a collection of sleep-enhancing skincare products designed to calm mind, body and spirit while balancing the senses and easing tension.


This five-step solution to a better night's sleep includes a Deep Relax Bath and Shower Oil, Relax Body Wash, Deep Relax Roller Ball, De-Stress Muscle Gel and Hydrating Nourishing Face Oil, which are made with essential oils that have been chosen for their tranquil properties.


Ideal for travel, this kit can be used wherever and whenever sleep may be an issue, immediately helping to relieve the pressures of the day.

Used alone or as part of a new night-time routine, the products in the Aromatherapy Associates Relax and Sleep Edit are enriched with chamomile, lavender, black pepper, geranium, evening primrose and sandalwood oils.


Key Benefits:

  • Comprehensive kit to inspire calm and relaxation
  • Promotes a healthy night’s sleep
  • Contains bath and shower oil, body wash, rollerball, muscle gel and face oil
  • Essential oils soothe the spirits and encourage slumber
  • Includes lavender, chamomile and geranium oil
  • Can be used individually or as part of a comprehensive night-time routine


Aromatherapy Associates Relax & Sleep Edit contains:
- Deep Relax Bath & Shower Oil 9ml
- Relax Body Wash 40ml
- Deep Relax Roller Ball 10ml
- De-Stress Muscle Gel 40ml

- Hydrating Nourishing Face Oil 3ml



Massage 2 capfuls of Depp Relax Bath & Shower Oil onto your torso. Cup your hands, bring them to your face and inhale deeply 3 times, then step into a warm bath or shower. Lather Relax Body Wash over your body, letting our calming concoction cleanse your skin. Dry off and massage De-Stress Muscle Gel over your arms, legs and torso, focusing on any areas od concern. Before bed, apply a couple of drops of Hydrating Nourishing Face Oil to your face and neck. Roll Depp Relax Roller Ball on your pulse points and take a deep breath, allowing yourself to drift into a peaceful sleep.

Relax and Sleep Edit Aromatherapy Associates