Dermalogica Defend & Transform

Protect your skin during the day and transform your skin at night with Defend & Transform.

Master multitasker moisturizer Prisma Protect SPF30 interacts with the skin's natural protection mode during the day to protect it from UV rays, free radical damage, and air pollution.

The revitalizing Sound Sleep Cocoon night gel-cream is formulated to work at night when the skin is best able to absorb active ingredients and repair damage.


Defend & Transform includes:


Prisma Protect SPF30 12ml: moisturizer with SPF30 that moisturizes the skin for a visibly soft skin during the day and protects the skin from o, a. UV radiation.


Sound Sleep Cocoon 10ml: night gel-cream that revitalizes, hydrates, and provides visibly radiant skin in the morning.


Dermalogica products are:

100% animal-cruelty free

100% perfume free

100% gluten-free

100% Vegan

100% Free from denatured alcohol

Free from synthetic fragrances and dyes



Start by double cleansing the face with your favourite Dermalogica PreCleanse and Cleanser.

Spray Multi-active Toner for an extra hydration boost.

Apply a generous amount of Prisma Protect SPF30 to the face and neck in the morning. Preferably 30 minutes before sun exposure.

In the evening, apply Sound Sleep Cocoon over the cleansed face and neck as the final step in the grooming routine.


Let the night gel-cream work well. For optimal night-time hydration, Sound Sleep Cocoon can be applied over another Dermalogica moisturizer.

Dermalogica Defend & Transform