Deliflex Hot Wax

Deliflex Hot Wax - 1Kg

Extra creamy and smooth. Outstanding adhesion, even on very fine hair. 


  • Flawless adhesion
  • Easily spread
  • Extremely pliable
  • Opens up pores
  • Outstanding hair removal
  • Delays hair regrowth
  • High performance



rosin, beeswax, titanium dioxide and pigments


Directions for best results:

  • Heat wax - always test patch on your arm for temperature & consistency
  • Clean the area to be waxed and apply your preparation oil – this oil is essential and will allow the wax to adhere to the hair and not to the skin making it a much more comfortable procedure for the client.
  • Apply your wax in a small square with the first application being against the hair growth and further build the wax patch up with the hair growth.
  • Establish a thick edge to the wax ready for removal. You may apply a couple of patches at a time but ensure there are gaps between each patch so as they don’t all remove together. If doing the bikini area you can always apply a patch each side at a time.
  • When removing the patch take your fingertips underneath the edge of the patch and flick the end up, then remove the patch in the direction going against the hair growth. When all hair has been removed soothe the area with an after wax preparation. The most uncomfortable part of hot waxing (if you were to claim there was any) is ‘flicking up’ the edge of the wax in order to remove the patch, but as a procedure it is not painful at all and is much kinder and more gentle to the skin in delicate areas making it the perfect choice for client comfort.
  • Hygiene is paramount and during an intimate wax procedure it is crucial that you wear gloves – due to the chance of blood spotting and the exchange of other bodily fluids. It is also crucial that you DO NOT double dip your spatulas. Either use the drizzle method or use a new spatula for each application.



Hot wax will remove short hairs, meaning that the client doesn’t have to leave so long in between treatments – this is particularly advantageous when it comes to facial waxing, as it means that your client can have the hair removed more often and will feel less conscious and embarrassed about their facial hair.

Deliflex Hot Wax

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