Deliflex Hot Wax

Deliflex Hot Wax - 1Kg

Extra creamy and smooth. Outstanding adhesion, even on very fine hair. 


  • Flawless adhesion
  • Easily spread
  • Extremely pliable
  • Opens up pores
  • Outstanding hair removal
  • Delays hair regrowth
  • High performance



rosin, beeswax, titanium dioxide and pigments


Directions for best results:

  • Heat wax - always test patch on your arm for temperature & consistency
  • Clean the area to be waxed and apply your preparation oil – this oil is essential and will allow the wax to adhere to the hair and not to the skin making it a much more comfortable procedure for the client.
  • Apply your wax in a small square with the first application being against the hair growth and further build the wax patch up with the hair growth.
  • Establish a thick edge to the wax ready for removal. You may apply a couple of patches at a time but ensure there are