Creme Longue Vie Pieds


Regenerating beauty cream for feet

Renews the skin and “reveals” its youthful appearance.
Makes the feet look more attractive, for longer.
Nourishes, hydrates, purifies and soothes the skin.


56 Active Cellular Ingredients: provides the elements that are essential to cell life and renewal.
Sweet Almond Oil: softens and nourishes.
Liposkin: hydrates and rebuilds the skin’s hydrolipidic film.
Shea Butter: softens, nourishes and soothes.
D-Panthenol: hydrates the skin and protects the nails.
Allantoin: softens, repairs and soothes.
Microcidine (Octopirox): exerts an anti-bacterial action, deodorises and purifies


Apply morning and evening using circular movements until the cream is completely absorbed. Insist on the dry and damaged areas (heels and soles).

Creme Longue Vie Pieds

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