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Anti-Rides Flash

Express wrinkle smoother

Fills and smoothes surface wrinkles instantly.
Tightens the skin.
Rejuvenates the complexion.


Derm Liss - Hyaluronic Acid and Dynalift: fills wrinkles and smoothes facial features.
Shea Butter: nourishes and restructures.
Vitamin E: anti-free radicals.


Run the pen across the main facial wrinkles using light, circular movements and finish by smoothing the wrinkle along its length.
- on each forehead wrinkle.
- from bottom to top between eyebrows.
- on crow’s feet.
- from the wing of the nose to the outside corner of the mouth on the nasolabial folds.
Use under moisturiser morning and evening repeat when required.

Anti-Rides Flash

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