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Semi-permanent make-up is exciting and glamorous. A treatment that deposits pigment into the deeper layers of the skin to produce definite features such as the eyebrow and lip line. There are a variety of colours available to the Therapist; however the number of colours they work with will depend on where they were trained. This treatment involves piercing of the skin with very fine needles and implanting a pigment into the dermis (second layer of the skin). It is not officially classed as tattoo and different techniques are available to create various effects. Semi-permanent pigmentation will last up to two years maximum; this can vary and should be discussed with the Therapist with regard to her particular treatment. It is classed as an advanced treatment, it is not inexpensive and you should be confident that the Therapist is fully trained.
The Advisory Institute of Micro pigmentation (AIM) and the British Micro pigmentation Society can offer advice regarding treatments and trained Therapists.

Q. I have heard that this treatment can result in the wrong colour forming on the skin. Is this correct?
A. The use of inferior pigments and wrong shades can produce the wrong colour on the skin. For this reason it is important to ensure the Therapist is qualified in this work.