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It is a well-known fact that the majority of people do not look after their feet. We expect our feet to carry us through our lives, yet often forget that the footwear, posture and the demands we place upon them take their toll. The result can often be blisters, calluses, bunions and a build up of hard skin. All of these can be very painful and sometimes bring on infectious conditions if the skin is broken.
A professional pedicure cannot correct poor treatment of the feet, but it can help to control conditions such as hard skin and calluses, which can be extremely painful.
Treatment of hard skin, cuticles, nails and the feet will improve the overall performance and appearance. Foot massage will help soothe aching feet and nail varnish can be applied if desired.
A Beauty Therapist would not treat advanced conditions of hard skin and ingrown toenails; clients would be referred to Chiropodist

Q. I suffer from athlete’s foot, will a Pedicure help with this?
A. No. Any condition that is contagious or can be irritated by the treatment would be classed as a contra indication. Once the condition has been controlled, the Therapist will be happy to treat the feet.

Q. My toenails are really hard to cut, would a Pedicure help?

A. Yes. The Pedicure includes a luxurious footbath which will help to soften the nails prior to cutting. Heaven!