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How many of you have heard of a hot stone massage, seen the pictures of someone lying there with big stones on their back but are still not sure what it is?
We’re amazed that so many people think all that happens is you lie there whilst the practitioner places stones strategically on your back. Well in part they do as they place stones on your shakra points to balance the energy centres of the body. But hot stone massage is exactly that; a massage using hot thermal stones.
During the summer months we should all be feeling lighter and brighter. We literally feel lighter because the fluid in our lymphatic system is thinner and flows more freely that time of year. How many of you with aching joints feel better with the heat of the sun on your bones? And we all feel brighter when the sun is shining and we can get out and about with the longer days.
What if you don’t feel like a spring lamb? Is your lymphatic system so stuck and blocked that even these lazy, hazy days of summer aren’t getting you up and at it? Are those joints and muscles too tight and achy to allow you to get out there and make hay while the sun shines? A hot stone massage could be the answer for you.
The heat of the stones penetrates deep into the muscle tissue releasing toxins and increasing lymphatic drainage. And let’s face it girls cellulite is a toxic build up and not what we want when about to bare all on the beach. The heat is so soothing for aching joints and muscles. The depth of massage stimulating a higher rate of tissue repair. Or you might just want to feel fabulous for that holiday or recreate that spa moment you treated yourself to whilst you were away.

This treatment is one of the most recent therapies beginning in 1993 in Tuscan, Arizona by Mary Nelson Hannigan.
Using heated Basalt Lava Stones, frozen marble stones and water the client is massaged with traditional massage and aromatherapy.
The client lies on a couch with stones placed on it and then has stones placed on their body and is given them to hold. The Lava Stones warm and energise the body while the marble is cooling and clearing. The overall effects soothe and relax muscles, detoxify and ease tension by opening specific energy points on the body inducing a balanced feeling.
The strokes given to the body with hot stones are generally deeper than the average traditional massage movements due to the stones density; with an estimated efficiency ten times that of traditional massage.