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Used directly onto the skin, this treatment is well known for its drying up of excess oil that can lead to the formation of spots. It creates an anti-bacterial effect helping delay bacterial growth in the immediate future. Excellent on oily skin suffering from spots. Used indirectly this treatment is used via a massage. Not found in many salons as other sophisticated treatments have replaced it. However it is effective on increasing the flow of the blood & lymph and new cell growth.
A treatment often includes application of specific gels/serums/ampoules. It is very successful degreasing congested oily skin unblocking the pores and deep cleansing. Alternatively this treatment is used to correct unbalanced skins that are stressed.

Q. What do you mean by ‘directly’ on the skin?

A. The treatment is applied with glass applicator that is used on the skin’s surface. The glass applicator is massaged over a selected product or sometimes over a fine piece of gauze.

Q. Would I be able see ‘High Frequency Facial’ on a salon price list?
A. Not always as this may be part of a facial with trade name. By asking the Therapist a few questions you will be able to establish the contents of the facials available at the salon.