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Healthy skin is beautiful skin. It is smooth, soft, and resistant to infection and will hold moisture. The benefits of facial massage will be to stimulate the functioning of the skin. This is turn will improve the texture of the skin, help remove waste products and relieve stressed skin. Facial massage is normally part of a professional facial treatment.
Facial massage is based on sweeping strokes and light kneading movements using the hands & fingers tips, this is also called Swedish massage. Facial massage may often extend to the front and back of the shoulders dependant on the type of facial you are receiving. As well being extremely beneficial for the skin, the client will find this massage very relaxing. Thumb kneading across the shoulders will help to release knotted muscle tissue fibres and break up tension.

Q. My skin is very sensitive; would a facial massage be suitable?
A. Depending on how sensitive your skin is, the Therapist would not include certain movements from the massage that may irritate the sensitive area. Alternatively, the Therapist may apply pressure point movements which are often more effective on a sensitive skin. Even sensitive skins will benefit from facial massage.

Q. Is it true that the skin can look worse after a facial?

A. This really depends on the skin type and how often facials are received by the client. After facial massage the stimulating effects may continue up to 48 hours. Over this time the skin will be losing waste products onto the surface. At times a client may experience a few blotches or minor blemishes due to the deep cleansing effects of the treatment, but this is usually minimal. Once a regular skin care programme is followed and regular facials are taken the likelihood of blotches and blemishes will reduce.