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Eyebrow Shaping

To enhance the shape of you eyes and create tidy appearance this treatment is quick, simple and less painful than doing it yourself. For those who are long sighted it is the ideal solution. Depending on the rate of your hair growth you any need to repeat this treatment every 2-4 weeks.

Q. I have a space in my right eyebrow where the eyebrow hairs do not grow, how could the therapist improve this shape?
A. The overall shape will be assessed prior to treatment to ensure the shape chosen will allow for this. In addition to this you would be shown various methods of adding colour across this space. For example: eyebrow pencil, eyebrow tinting, semi-permanent make-up.

Q. I have read that eyebrows shaping can be done by waxing rather than tweezing, is this the case and is it permanent?
A. Yes, this treatment can be given to the eyebrow area. Warm wax is applied with a small spatula to the area and removed quickly with a material strip cut to the size of the area being treated. It is a quick treatment preferred by some to tweezing. It is a temporary treatment and will last the same length of time as tweezing