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Eye Lash Perming

This is a permanent method of curling your eyelashes. Curled eyelashes will enhance the appearance of the eyes lasting up to 8 weeks. This treatment does not replace eyelash tinting and will in fact complement it. Your therapists will apply a skin test prior to the treatment especially is it is your first treatment or your have any history of eye disorders or allergies.

Q. Why is the treatment only lasting 8 weeks?
A. The life cycle of the eyelash hairs is approximately 6-8weeks after which time all the eyelashes will have been replaced with a new growth. This happens gradually over the weeks therefore is not apparent to the individual

Q. How do I know this is a safe treatment?
A. The chemical used in this treatment is much weaker than the one used on scalp hair when being permed. As eyelash hair is much finer than scalp hair it does not require a strong chemical to gain a result. Most treatments consist of a gel rather than a liquid thus enabling greater control.