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A professional make-up treatment is a refreshing change and may introduce ideas for a new image. An evening make-up is applied considering the effect artificial light tends to produce on the colour of the make-up. Colours would be chosen in consultation with the client ensuring the treatment is adapted to suit the individual and that the client is comfortable with the result. Evening make-up does not automatically indicate that the colours used will be bright and bold, this thought often puts some people off. The make-up can be a subtle or as bold as the client wishes. Once a client has seen the possibilities they may want to be able to apply the make-up at home. A make-up lesson can be arranged where the Therapist will sit the client in front of a mirror so that the client she can watch and participate in the application of the make-up. A further lesson could then explore how to transform a day make-up into evening make-up for those with limited time and a busy social calendar.

Q. I would really like to have a professional make-up. However, I worry about how much make-up will be applied; I do not want to wear too much make-up.
A. A professional Therapist will listen to your preferences and will apply the make-up accordingly. Should the Therapist feel that some of your preferences are not suitable, these will be discussed. Make-up can be like Hairdressing, when the client does not really know what they want; it is left for the operator to make the decision! At the end of the treatment the client is unhappy and the operator gets the blame. Therefore it is important to be open and discuss your preferences ensuring you are happy throughout the treatment. If you leave it in the Therapists hands to make the decision be open minded about the result. One piece of advice, If you are thinking of having a professional make-up for a special occasion, it is advisable to have a trial run first.
Q. I wear glasses which tends to hinder my use of eye make-up at home. Is it worth visiting a Therapist?
A. Yes. The make-up can be adapted whether glasses or contact lenses are worn. The eye will appear slightly different through the lens depending on whether the client is long or short-sighted. The Therapist will advise on this and offer tips for application .
Q. Does artificial light really have an effect on make-up?
A. Yes. The effects of on the make-up depends on the colour of the light. For example; yellowish light in standard light bulbs dulls the blue toned colours and makes reds look darker. Fluorescent lamps give out a harsh blue white light, which takes the warmth out of the make-up colours. Generally whatever the colour of the light, it will not be as strong as daylight. Under artificial light shadows are often cast and colours change or disappear. Evening make-up needs to consist of stronger colours creating depth thus defining the eyes, lips and mouth