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This involves piercing of the ear lobe. Due to the fact it is an invasive treatment means that as a client it is important to ensure the hygiene procedures at the salon adhere to the Local Authority Regulations.
This can be done quite easily; the salon will display a certificate of registration. The salon will have been inspected by the local authority for the required standard of hygiene. This is important as this treatment leaves the skin open. Should the required hygiene procedures not be adhered to there is a risk of infection.
Most Therapists use ear-piercing guns that use a stud mounted in a disposable pack. This ensures that the skin will not come into contact with any part of the gun only the disposable casing. This casing is disposed of after every client.
It is recommended that Therapists wear disposable gloves to carry out the treatment and they advise clients to use an after care lotion daily for a number of weeks after the treatment.
The treatment is short and fairly inexpensive. It is the clients responsibility to look after the pierced area after the treatment and the after care advice must be followed to avoid infection.
Any client requesting the treatment under the age of 16 will be required to gain parental or a guardians consent in writing. Once this is given the treatment may commence. There are some salons that have their own policy concerning age and will not pierce ears of anyone under the age of 18.

Q. How long do the earrings need to be left in for after piercing?
A. Earrings should be left in for 6 weeks; this is to give the ears time to heal. When the after care lotion is applied you are advised to turn the earrings to ensure the pierced area does not heal onto the stud.
Q. Is there a chance that the piercing will not be level, how is this checked?
A. The therapist will use a non-toxic pen and mark the spot where the piercing will take place. This will have been agreed with the client using a mirror. Should you not agree then this is the time to speak. The therapist will then use the mark on the skin as her guide for positioning the gun.