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Cleansing the skin using the correct products is essential. Dirt and grime accumulate on the skin everyday. make-up particles become stale throughout the day contributing to blemishes and dull looking skin. Cleansing the skin in the morning and in the evening will help keep the skin free of blemishes and allow it to function efficiently.
It is important to use products that will dissolve the natural oils that build up on the surface of the skin.
Make-up too must be dissolved correctly and the day’s dust, parasites and pollution that all sit on the skin. Cleansing the skin will not mean a lengthy skin care routine. There are a variety of products available, those that can be applied by hand and rinsed off are very popular, especially as they are simple and quick to use. If you are not sure which product to select and have wasted money already, then you need to take advice from a professional.
A Skin Analysis is a detailed consultation about your skin. The Therapist will talk through your skin with you and advise the most suitable products for you to use. Cleansing will be part of a professional facial treatment. Deep cleansing with products formulated fro your skin will be used ensuring the skin is free of any particles. This is important as any product or treatment will not be effective if there is surface matter present. So, That expensive anti-wrinkle cream that you apply every night without fail, would probably be more effective if you cleansed your skin first and you would probably use less!
Every skin will benefit from a basic skin care programme provided the correct product are used for the skin type. Professional advice from a Beauty Therapist will help identify the problems and provide the solutions.

Q. As I do not wear make-up, is it still necessary to cleanse my skin?

A. Yes. As the skin accumulates parasites, dust and dirt from the atmosphere. In addition to this, the skin’s natural oils continually secrete onto the surface of the skin. As these accumulate they will trap dead skin cells and create a warm moist environment for the bacteria to grow that causes some breakouts on the skin.

A. Ideally your skin should be seen to answer this in detail. However, it would seem that there may be an ingredient in the products that is making your skin sensitive or creating a slight allergic reaction. It may be advisable to try cleansers that are free of lanolin and perfumes as these can create some sensitivity on some skins. In addition to this look at your complete skin care routine as toning the skin and moisturising as vital parts of this every day routine, not to mention the use of exfoliants , scrubs and face masks.