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Body Wraps

Body wraps have been available in the Beauty salon for a number of years. Often referred to as a ‘slimming.’ treatment or ‘inch’ loss systems, the treatment involves the wrapping of the body with elastic strips or a large sheet of plastic material. Specialised products will have been applied to the skin containing ingredients such as natural extracts (seaweed, essential oils, minerals and vitamins) prior to the wrap and they will be introduced into the skins surface cells under the and warmth of the wrap.
The aim of this treatment is to increase the circulation, therefore resulting in detoxifying the body as excess fluid and waste is removed. The effect of the actual ‘wrap’ is to place the tissues under a degree of tension. This will in turn help the skin and muscle cells to rid them of excess waste and take up less surface area temporarily.
Wraps will give an inch loss from one treatment and improve the appearance of cellulite.
Body wraps are often recommended in a course of treatments, however an individual treatment can help that outfit fit a little more comfortably before a special occasion.
Body wraps are very relaxing and provide a wonderful incentive when on a reduction diet. Additional treatments may be incorporated into the wrap such as heat treatments to body exfoliation.
Treatments will differ slightly, therefore it is advisable to ask the Therapist to explain the treatment offered in the salon.

Q. How long will the effects of a body wrap last?
A. Inch loss will last approximately 5 days from one individual wrap. A course of treatments will offer a longer lasting result. This will vary depending on the particular wrap you receive, ask the Therapist for advice.

Q. Are these wrap treatments safe?

A. Yes. Like any treatment they are tried, tested and proven over a number of years. There is a full consultation to check medical history and general health prior to the first treatment. Should there be any condition that may not be suitable for such a treatment, the Therapist will advise accordingly.