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You had a long week. You worked hard. You gave of yourself to all the people you love most, but now it’s time you took care of yourself! You deserve it. What to do to reward yourself – dive into the unopened tub of Ben & Jerry’s in the freezer? Do some exercise, or do give yourself a REAL treat by getting a skin rejuvenating facial…
“What exactly is a facial?” A facial is the action of deep-cleansing, exfoliating, and nourishing your skin to promote hydrated, oh-so-clear-skin. All you need to do is lie back and relax, knowing you are in expert hands…
Here are the 7 Tips to Getting the Perfect Facial, Every Time…
Tip 1: Let’s Get Up-Close and Personal… Your skin care therapist should look really closely at your skin and analyse it for you. She may put eye pads over your eyes and look at your skin VERY closely under a brightly lit magnifying lamp. It’s okay, no need to be shy…this is a good thing. Skin analysis helps the therapist understand more fully the best type of treatment for your particular skin type, so you’ll get the best facial possible for you.
Tip 2: Are You Squeaky Clean? Not all facials include an exfoliation treatment, but if you want the ultimate in pore-deep cleansing, make sure this step is included in your facial. If the top dead, dull layer of skin isn’t exfoliated off, your skin isn’t really going to be able to absorb the great lotions and potions that come later in the facial.
Tip 3: Comedone Extraction – What? If you’re prone to blackheads (comedones), you want them out – and the best way to achieve this is in the hands of a professional skincare expert. If you have a go at this yourself, you can give yourself nasty red marks, and broken veins. This isn’t the most pleasant part of a facial, and not everyone needs it – but your reflection in the mirror will thank you for it.
Tip 4: Massage Away the Tension…Ahhhh A great facial should also include a massage of the face and neck. This is every-one’s favourite part of any facial – you get to float off with the sensation of being really pampered…. Bliss!
Tip 5: The Perfect Mask… A great facial should also include a special mask preparation for your exact skin type (whether it is dry, oily, combination, sensitive, or mature). Remember when your skin-care therapist was examining your skin type earlier? More information about your skin helps her to choose the perfect mask for your skin to help clear up any imperfections, hydrate, or calm your skin as needed.
Tip 6: Protect Me! Your skin needs protection from the elements, and a great moisturiser tailored to your skin type is applied right at the end of the facial. Sometimes we associate skin protection only with sunlight, but the wind and rain can leave us with prematurely ageing skin if we don’t use appropriate protection.
Tip 7: Advise Me! You’ve had a great facial, and your skin-care therapist should give you home-care advice for your skin. After all, what’s the point of having a great facial if you’re not going to look after your skin between your salon visits – don’t go and undo all that great work!